08/02 :  Promo: HWcon 2018 (17 & 18 februari)

   Ladies and gentlemen, beste reizigers,

Some of you might have already heard, but the Netherlands houses an international convention this year. None other than Hearths Warming Con! This year its third edition: Winter sports edition.

This year the winterconvention will take place at the a new venue "the Schoter Scholengemeenschap" at Sportweg 9 in Haarlem. The convention itself will be on the 17th and 18th of Febuary (very soon!) and it will be preceded by an evening dinner for some select attendants.

Special guests include Peter New, the voice of our beloved Big Macintosh and Elley-Ray Hennessy, the voice of the beautiful Mistmane and a whole slew of community guests, such as our very own RarityBelle and MC-Arch!

Click here for purchasing tickets, get them while they are still there. Supply is limited.

If you want to find some cool HWcon2018 merchandise, including tickets for autographs from our special guests, click Here.

Feeling like helping the convention out? HWcon is still looking for volunteers. More info on volunteering can be found here

Here is a link to the thread discussing HWcon.

We hope to see you there!

On behalf of the HWcon committee,

- the Organization