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Aankondiging: Meet 22 in Zwolle (zaterdag 9 juni)


*This version is for our international audience. For the Dutch version, see this link: https://bronies.nl/e107_plugins/forum/f ... php?220190 *

Ladies and gentlemen,

BroniesNL is happy to announce the 22nd National BroniesNL meetup, which will be held on saturday the 9th of June 2018. We will be welcoming you at a familiar and community-approved venue in the city of Zwolle! Please make sure to read the information below concerning the meetup venue. While you're at it, please read the official rules AND the interesting facts you'll like to know about Meet 22!



Locatie Eekwal

Eekwal 27-I (look for the green building)


Saturday, 9th of June 2018, from 11:30 (doors open) 'til 18:00

Official opening at 12:00


"Steampunk & Pirates"

Getting there:

Yarr me maties, here be directions to the bountiful venue! Ye take yer preferred public vessel and ye peddle it all the way to Zwolle Central Station. From there ’t is but a short walk to the venue (a bit longe if ye sport a peg leg) or ye can just take the bus. Consult yer mobile treasure map devices for the best route or public transportation times.

Note: there isn't much of a parking space at the venue, so you’ll have to land your airships at the local parking lot. Steam-powered weaponry, robots (including fake girlfriends) and suspicious looking crystals from faraway lands will be confiscated at the entrance.

About the venue:

There are at least three rooms available to us, one with a small bar, so there will be enough room. During the opening we will inform you on where you can and can't go. The venue won't be providing a wifi connection, but we are looking into that once more.

Important: the location does NOT have access to clean drinking water, so we will work to provide bottled water. But we urge everyone to bring some of your own as well. Awaken that survival spirit! Toilets DO flush, but don't you go drinking out of them.

As usual we will serve our own sugary/salty/artificially enriched edible substances including all sorts of candy, drinks and the likes, for free. Besides that, we'll be providing snacks. Hotdogs, frikandels, oddly specific Victorian era eddibles? You want it; it's yours my friends, as long as you have enough Euro's!

Menu (can change at a later stage)Show

Buns: EUR 1,50 (inclusief saus naar keuze)

- Hot dog

- Frikandel

- Kroket

- Tosti's (kaas of ham/kaas)

Snacks without bun: EUR 1,00


Salty nibbles


Important: the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. Obnoxious behavior (under the influence of any substances or not) will not be tolerated. We request all attendees who experience unpleasantries to report this to a member of the organization, so we can do our best to settle the matter.


(will be up soon)

National Volunteersbrigade:

We are always looking to improve and better organize the national meets so that you can have an even better experience, so we ask again for enthusiastic volunteers who want to work together with us on tasks like gettimg the venue ready for the meet, setting up light/sound systems, helping out during events and of course the cleanup afterward. So for those who have team spirit and are interested in being a part of the national meets: you can sign up for the volunteer brigade. For more information, please read the related thread linked here: https://bronies.nl/e107_plugins/forum/f ... php?218631


Please keep in mind that the events listed below are subject to change if things don't work out during the planning phase. But for now, we have the following events in store for you:

- Auction

- Art Table

- Baking competition

- Blindbag Customization

- Live presentation

- Quiz

- Ponyhunt

- Salty Seashanties

- Toy Hospital

You can stay up to date with each event by looking for the threads in the "Dutch Meets" subforum (once they're up).

If you'd like to help out with events, please sign up as a volunteer :)


The BroniesNL organization hopes to see a ton of both new and familiar faces on the 9th. As usual, entrance is free and the average age is around 18.

If you have any questions regarding the meet and/or the venue, please feel free and do not hesitate to contact us via our organization email address. We will respond with a proper answer as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention.

Until the 9th of June!!

- the Organization

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