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Meetup recap 3 december!

Hello everypony!

We've done it again! After two earlier successful two-monthly meets back in October and August we've successfully finished our third meet in Utrecht, The Netherlands! The amount of people that came doubled from 26 to a whopping 59 since the second meet!

We rented a place in Utrecht to keep our hoofsies warm and had a lot of fun in the few hours we were together. Card- and boardgames were played, pony-related music was played, new people were met, interesting conversations were held and at 4 pm our time we all watched the live stream episode together! This resulted in 59 people bursting into singing the intro tune together and a lot of cheering was heard several times during the episode (and boo-ing when commercials came along). All in all, it was great fun!

We hope to see all of you again on February 4th to help us wrap up winter and with a bit of luck, the amount of bronies in the Netherlands will continue to grow! Keep an eye on this site for updates about our next events and help us to make the community even bigger!


More pictures of the meet can be found in the gallery.

The Dutch Bronies Community

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Meetup plans 3 december!

Good news everypony!

The plans for the Meet on december the 3rd are finalized!

We will meet at Utrecht Centraal Station in front of the Burger King at noon (12:00). From there we will parasprite march to the location we've rented for this occasion, so the bronies won't freeze their hooves off, which will be Moira. At the end of the day we will broadcast the new episode for everypony to see so no pony has to be afraid that they won't get their fix!

The location doesn't allow to bring your own drinks (snacks are allowed) but are quite cheap. Minor alcoholic beverages will also be served.

Furthermore, the organization of the event paid for the location and everything that comes with it. For this reason, donations would be very welcome (but not mandatory) so that the organization won't be left with a huge debt.

So don't forget to bring some cash for drinks and possibly a donation!

If you haven't signed up for the event yet, please do so on this link so we know how many people to expect!

If you have any questions about the meet, you can leave a message in the comments or on the forums.

We hope to see everypony then!

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